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1145 Morningside Ave.
Unit #21-22 (corner unit)
Scarborough, ON M1B 0A7

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Weekdays   8 AM – 7 PM
Saturday      9 AM – 2 PM
Sunday      10 AM – 2 PM


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Medical Care &


Surgery & Anaesthesia



Dental Care,
Cleaning &
Oral Surgery


X-ray &


Laboratory Testing &


Control & Prevention


Veterinary Diets


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About Us


Dr. Serge

Dr. Serge (Srdjan) Gotovac graduated from the University of Sarajevo's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bosnia. He then took a two year post-graduate program in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

After settling in Canada with his family, he passed all the necessary licensing examinations and was granted a Certificate of Qualification, from both the Canadian and American Veterinary Medical Associations. He has been granted a General License to practice in Ontario.

 Dr. Serge with one of his family cats, Katarina

Dr. Serge with one of his family cats, Katarina

 From left to right: Amber, Dr. Serge, Lauren, and Julie (and that's Charlie front and center!)

From left to right: Amber, Dr. Serge, Lauren, and Julie (and that's Charlie front and center!)

Our Technicians

Our passionate and caring Rouge Valley Veterinary Hospital staff are an essential part of our team. Click on their names to learn a bit more about them!

"After Dallas passed away, we had room to open our home and hearts to a dog in need. Howie came into the kennel and I fell in love with him at first sight." Lauren

"It’s always better to ask about the small things rather than worrying, or trying to find out what’s wrong on your own. We’re here, not only for your pet’s health and wellbeing, but your own as well." Amber L


Heidi was brought to us by Toronto Animal Services after they found her in an underground garage. At the time she had a tiny collar around her neck that had cut into her skin as she grew. She was in a lot of pain, had a severe infection and was a really smelly cat. Despite all of this her amazing personality was obvious and we instantly fell in love with her. Even though she was smelly we cuddled her because it was her favourite thing to do. Today she smells absolutely lovely. Still loves the cuddles.



Charlie met Dr.Serge before RVVH opened. He had been in an accident and was taken to the hospital where Dr. Serge was working at the time. Charlie was an alley cat and was likely hit by a car, which left him with serious head injuries. Dr.Serge performed the surgery to reconstruct Charlie's jaw and saved his life. Since then they have been best friends.

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